About Amalgamated Feminism

Mission statement (of sorts):

Amalgamated Feminism is dedicated to educating ourselves about feminism, taking action to make change wherever we can and raising awareness of feminist issues.

We recognize feminism is a product of an unequal society and should be viewed through a lens of intersectionality. The name is chosen to represent our goal to create solidarity among women and feminists movements.


Why have a blog?

This site is maintained as a catalog of resources, literature and data that advances discussion on feminist issues.  We love to share DIY and community activism opportunities.

We tried to break the issues out into separate pages for more direct focus on one topic at a time because it can be overwhelming or some people have more direct interest in one issue or the other.


Safer spaces policy:

Amalgamated Feminism is a safer space, which means that it is intended to be a welcoming, engaging, and supportive environment free of oppressive actions, behaviors, and language. We strive to always be respectful of our readers’ opinions, beliefs, differing states of being and differing points of view. In short, our intention is never to dismiss or exclude anyone based on their differing experience of life. If you feel offended, excluded or discriminated against by our posts or the literature we share, please

LET US KNOW:  amalgamatedfeminists@gmail.com


Contact us:

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, we always appreciate hearing from you! We encourage you to submit any vital resources on feminism that you’ve found helpful in your life! There is so much out there, and we are always looking for new views.


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