Women’s Poverty and Access to Health Care

Reading and videos we have found helpful to engage ourselves and others around the disparities women face concerning Women’s Poverty and Access to Health Care. Please keep in mind that we do not agree with every thought, argument, and idea in these suggestions but feel they are a good place to start discussion.

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Michigan’s Abominable Rape Insurance Law


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Defending Choice for Women

In 2006, Miami Clinic Access Project (MCAP) organized a defense of the Choice for Women Clinic from the ongoing protests by local anti-choice Catholics. Nationwide, abortion rights are under attack as “pro life” fanatics demonstrate in front of women’s health clinics. Because of this backlash, MCAP response to the need for prochoice advocates to stand up for their beliefs. This video presents the local battle between prochoice and “pro life” forces as a representation of the nationwide struggle for women’s equality.  http://vimeo.com/94022384

Orgasim Inc.


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