Male Allies

You may have wondered….What can I do as a Male Ally?   There is plenty.  Feminist issues affect everyone.  Below is some reading and videos we have found helpful to males allies in expressing the importance of feminist activism for all genders. Please keep in mind that we do not agree with every thought, argument, and idea in these suggestions but feel they are a good place to start discussion.

Article Suggestions:

A comic about what people really need to know about sexism and how it hurts us all.

Rad Dad is an amazing zine about radial parenting.  The article below is about Practicing Feminism as a Father.  However, this article can be applied to all of us in how we approach raising children and not just on one day of the year.

Subcribe here:

Feminism is NOT enough by itself to liberate men from the problems they confront; a treatise on male empowerment

Tools for white guys who are working social change by Chris Crass

Rape Culture 101 by Shakesville

Feminist high school boys declare: “I am a feminist”

What a dad learned from his son about holding hands and gender roles.

Video Suggestions:

The List of Rules for Women by Jay Smooth

If Buying Condoms was like buying Birth Control by Buzzfeed

Marriage and Feminism

Movie Suggestions:

Book Suggestions: 

On the Road to Healing: An Anthology for Men Ending Sexism

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