Resources, Blogs, and More!

This is our attempt to collect other websites, blogs, organizations, distributive materials and more that support women.  There are also several resources on our other pages as well.

Magazines, Websites and Blogs:  A feminist response to pop culture, run by the company that publishes Bitch Magazine.  The original alternative parenting magazine

Alternet Reproductive Justice: A collection of socially conscious news articles related to reproductive justice.

Black Girl Dangerous: This blog seeks to amplify the voices and experiences of queer and trans* people of color.

Bitch Media’s Feminist Podcast: Sarah Mirk hosts this podcast, which touches on the intersection of feminism and pretty much everything else.

Crunk Feminist Collective: A blog discussion among the hip hop generation of feminists of color.

Feminist Frequency: A feminist web series about pop culture.

Hollaback!: A project that aims to end street harassment by exposing it.

III Doctrine: A hip hop video blog with a definite feminist slant.

Imagining Ourselves: An online, dynamic, multilingual exhibition sponsored by the International Museum of Women exploring the question, “What Defines Your Generation of Women?”

Jezebel: Celebrity, sex, fashion for women.

Raciallcious: Race and pop culture blog with a definite feminist slant.

The Representation Project: This project looks to film and media content in order to break down gender stereotypes.

Rookie Mag: This publication by and for teenage girls gives a feminist alternative to traditional teen magazines.

Feminist Teacher

Organizations:  They have a monthly feminist discussion group.  You can find your local website as well here.




Festivals and More: Girl Fest NW  POW Fest-Women’s Film Fest  Siren Nation promotes and showcases the original work of women artists by creating year round performance, exhibition and educational opportunities.

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