Labor and Economics

Solidarity is one of our main tenets while looking at how to approach sexual inequality. Solidarity with women and other feminist movements serves to further the cause in the same way that solidarity with labor rights issues is aimed at furthering the rights and standing of the working class: we are many, they are few. It is in many cases difficult to separate sexual inequality from issues of economic stratification and poverty. This issue gets really big really fast… but we just have to start somewhere.

Some talking points, data sources and thoughtful articles lie below. Please keep in mind that we do not agree with every thought, argument, and idea in these suggestions but feel they are a good place to start discussion.


Article Suggestions:

The wage gap, on paper! Zoiks, you mean there really is a wage gap?!

Interesting data on some hidden benefits of white male privilege in academia. From the study abstract: “We found that faculty ignored requests from women and minorities at a higher rate than requests from Caucasian males, particularly in higher-paying disciplines and private institutions.” The study is available for download at the above linked site.

Article summarizing results of the same study.

Article on economic stratification, some emphasis on female-dominated entry-level work sectors

Bitch Media’s Popaganda podcast, focusing on the wage gap. Listen to women explain what this is, and why it persists.


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